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Welcome to Solisium: Starborn



Long ago, the Old Gods were locked in a vicious war for the future of their world. The ancient ones tried to imprison Sylaveth, the goddess of destruction, inside of an immensely powerful artifact — a Sealstone. But Sylaveth proved too powerful. The stone shattered, spreading fragments of her power all over the world. There are a select few to whom these fragments, these “stars,” granted immense power: Incredible combat prowess, powerful magic, and the ability to morph into animal form. These powerful beings became known as the “Starborn.”

All the while, General Kazar and his demonic Arkeum legion sought control of the Starborn, the last piece in their plan to conquer Solisium. So they were secreted away, in hopes of keeping them from becoming weapons of war. But war found them just the same. Now, the time has come for you and the other Children of the Stars to join in the fight against Kazar and his allies. Follow along as we witness the birth of a brand new Starborn. They will grow. They will fight. They will war. For Throne... and Liberty.

Character Customization

Before you take up arms as a Starborn, you’ll first have the opportunity to make one. Choose from a variety of presets or delve into an in-depth suite of options. Whether you replicate yourself as a Starborn or opt for someone else entirely, you can always update your appearance later on.

That same versatility extends to combat. Mix and match a variety of powerful weapons to create the perfect combination for your playstyle. Draw enemies in with ranged weapons like the Longbow and then swap to melee weapons such as the Dagger to finish them off. There are multiple options for every type of player. Bolster your skill level, learn new moves, and conquer every adversary on your way to the throne. What will you use to carve your legacy?

  • Greatsword

  • Dagger

  • Sword and Shield

  • Crossbow

  • Staff

  • Longbow

  • Wand and Tome

Changing your appearance is more than just a new look in Solisium. You can also shapeshift into animals like an otter, raven, and panther for faster traversal. Some situations even offer chances to morph into mighty enemies like a massive Golem. But if you need more than just raw strength, there’s always the option to transform into a Guardian. These legends of Solisium provide strong combat bonuses ranging from additional damage to defensive buffs, and other unique attributes such as projectiles.

Look forward to customizing your own Starborn when THRONE AND LIBERTY comes to Steam (PC), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on September 17. We’ll see you in Solisium.