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Confidential Tech Test Thank You



With the Confidential Technical Test servers closing at 7PM PT tonight (October 3), we wanted to share a word of thanks with all who participated in the test. Our teams at both Amazon Games and NCSOFT greatly appreciate the enthusiastic participation, candid feedback, and support shown by players.

As things wrap up, we’d like to remind everyone that the playtest is confidential. You may not disclose, in any form, content from this playtest, including any information about the game, its features, announcement date, and live release plan. Any breach of confidentiality will be treated seriously.

We’re excited to use the feedback and data gathered in this test to improve the core experience and technical infrastructure. Taking the time to help make THRONE AND LIBERTY the best it can be is our top priority. Players around the world will benefit from the level of care and detail that is being put into development and addressing player concerns, and we’ll be able to talk more about specific improvements soon.

More testing opportunities will be available before THRONE AND LIBERTY’s launch for players around the world. Make sure to sign-up for future tests, and follow our social channels and website to stay up-to-date. Here’s where you can find us:

We’ll see you in Solisium.