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Technical Test Recap



We wanted to take a moment to thank the players who participated in the Confidential Technical Test and share some of the stats and accomplishments achieved throughout the test. Before we dive into the infographic recap, here’s a word of thanks from the Franchise Lead of THRONE AND LIBERTY at Amazon Games, Merv Lee Kwai:

“I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the players who participated in the Technical Test. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and support is critical as we continue to work with NCSOFT to build and improve the world of Solisium. Putting in the care to realize the potential of THRONE AND LIBERTY is a huge focus for our teams, and we greatly appreciate your help in this journey. We know that not everyone who signed up was selected this time around, but we’re excited to share a glimpse into more changes as a direct result of feedback in future tests and look forward to welcoming more players into Solisium.”

We look forward to inviting more players into Solisium to begin their their THRONE AND LIBERTY adventures. More testing opportunities will be available before THRONE AND LIBERTY’s launch for players around the world. Make sure to sign-up for future tests, and follow our social channels and website to stay up-to-date. Here’s where you can find us:

We’ll see you in Solisium.