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Gather Your Guild



Guilds more effectively slash through foes, complete activities, and earn highly desirable rewards in Solisium. These groups of like-minded players often share similar interests or goals. Some strive to dominate PvP activities, while others just want to coordinate eye-catching outfits. There’s no right or wrong guild, only good and bad fits based on your personal preferences. Join the THRONE AND LIBERTY Discord to gather your guild before our Open Beta test on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S from July 18 - 23. Your early coordination might even give you a better chance of claiming the throne at launch on September 17.

Upon joining the Discord Server and agreeing to the server rules, you will choose your platform, region, and notification settings. Different channels will appear based on your preferences, but you’ll only be able to participate in the recruitment forum. As we get closer to our Open Beta, more of the server will unlock, so stay tuned!

Guilds should always be fun. To find the most enjoyable option, first ask yourself what you want to achieve in Solisium. Your favorite guild might not be the one you expect, so don’t be afraid to try different groups. If those don’t work out, you can always make your own. Once you find the right fit, get ready to prepare for war.

Look forward to more Guild content as we get closer to our Open Beta test. Thanks for your support.