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Welcome to Solisium: Prepare for War



We must urgently improve the abilities of the Resistance through Castle Sieges, dungeons, and world bosses to fight for the country of Solisium. Thus, the need for manuals that provide a practical foundation of battle theory has increased. It is recommended that every member read each manual to strengthen their individual capabilities. Here's a glimpse at some pages:

Combat Manuals

Allies and experience are recommended to excel in any armed conflict. Taedal’s Tower, co-op dungeons, and world bosses are just a few of the many combat scenarios you’ll face in Solisium. Once you’ve sharpened your blade, prepare for war.

Castle Siege

Compete to claim Stoneguard Castle. The current reigning guild will close gates, bolster defenses, and relentlessly fight to stop those brave, or foolish, enough to seize control. You’ll also need to contend with hundreds of other guilds vying for the throne. Dodge raining arrows, cascading spells, and more while laying siege in numerous ways based on your playstyle:

  • Brute force: Breach the castle walls with massive golem transformations.

  • Stealth: Sneak through the sewers to attract less attention. Just make sure it isn’t raining...

  • Opportunistic: Hitch a ride on a giant flying whale to bypass the castle’s defenses or take advantage of the chaos amidst another guild’s push to make your own advancement elsewhere.

No matter your strategy, all tactics will converge at the throne. There can only be one champion of Stoneguard Castle. Form alliances to rule together or betray your way to the top.

Co-Op Activities

Before you attempt to conquer Stoneguard Castle, you should first explore dungeons with your guild. These instanced and open world areas pit your group against unique mechanics, enemies, and a surprise or two. Up to six players can form a party to take on any instanced dungeon.

  • Dimensional Circle: Dimensional Circle offers a variety of instanced dungeons for distinct loot. Take on new, more difficult dungeons like Specter’s Abyss, Cursed Wasteland, and Butcher’s Canyon as you level up and master your abilities as a Starborn.

  • Guild Raids: Level up your guild to face off against more powerful foes and earn more desirable gear.

  • Open World: Journey into open world dungeons around Solisium alone or with friends. Strong enemies await, although the greatest obstacle will likely be the other players.

Taedal’s Tower

Hone your skills against challenging bosses in this solo mode. The experience and rewards gained from each floor, plus increasingly complex boss mechanics, will prepare you for even the most formidable adversaries throughout Solisium. Learn their tactics, discover new strategies, and devise new techniques that will help you thrive in higher stakes activities.

  • The Gate of Infinity: Encounter more difficult versions of those same lethal enemies from Taedal’s Tower. Faster clears net greater rewards and a possible spot on the leaderboard. A few successful runs might be the difference between a valiant, but meager effort or a grand triumph in your next Castle Siege.

Manuals are informative, but without the proper training, you won’t last very long in any combat scenario. Learn how to fight for the world of Solisium in our Open Beta test on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S from July 18 - 23, and at launch on September 17.